360 Degrees Photo Booth


Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to capture memories at your next event?A 360-degree photo booth is a modern and innovative take on traditional photo booths. Instead of capturing a single static image, a 360-degree photo booth captures a series of photos from all angles to create a dynamic and
interactive 360-degree image. Guests stand on a rotating platform or turntable while the camera captures them from various angles, resulting in a seamless, 360-degree view of the moment. The captured images can be shared
digitally, allowing guests to relive the experience and share the fun on social media. 360-degree photo booths are a popular addition to events as they provide a fun and unique way for guests to capture memories and create engaging content.Look no further than a 360-degree photo booth! with house of LED  party hire in Brisbane This cutting-edge technology allows you and your guests to take stunning panoramic photos that capture the entire scene around you!

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360 Degree Photo Booth Brisbane

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