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LED Party Hire in Brisbane

Welcome to House of LED Party Hire Brisbane, your ultimate destination for transforming any event into a radiant spectacle with our mesmerising LED Furniture! Formerly known as Illumive Party Hire, we have been illuminating celebrations with our passion for LED furniture since our inception.

At House of LED Party Hire, we understand that furniture is not just functional but an essential element that can elevate the ambiance of any gathering. Our mission is to assist you in activating your space and making it come alive with our brilliant LED furniture, creating a lively and immersive atmosphere for everyone’s enjoyment.

Located in the heart of Rocklea, our LED furniture emporium is a haven for party planners and hosts seeking to add a touch of magic to their events. Whether you’re organising a chic cocktail party, a lavish wedding reception, a corporate gala, or any other special occasion, our wide range of LED furniture options will add that extra “wow” factor to your venue.

What sets our LED furniture apart is its ability to seamlessly blend style and functionality. Our collection includes LED tables, LED chairs, LED bar counters, LED sofas, and much more. Each piece is crafted with precision, featuring vibrant LED lighting that can be customised to suit your event’s theme or colour scheme. Your guests will be awestruck as they bask in the glow of our enchanting LED furniture, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

We take great pride in providing not only top-notch LED furniture but also exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team of party enthusiasts is always ready to assist you in curating the perfect selection of LED furniture pieces that suit your event’s unique needs and style. We understand that every event is special, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Moreover, our LED furniture is not only visually stunning but also energy-efficient, making it an environmentally conscious choice for your gatherings. We constantly update our inventory with the latest designs and cuttingedge LED technology, offering you the finest LED furniture options available.

So, let your creativity run wild, and let us illuminate your celebrations with our dazzling LED furniture. Come and visit us at our Rocklea location, where you can explore our captivating range of LED tables, chairs, bar counters, and more. Let’s create an unforgettable event together that will be remembered for its radiant glow and the joy it brings to all who attend.

Get ready to spark the magic, create cherished memories, and make every moment shine with our stunning LED furniture at House of LED Party Hire!

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